Celebrate World Rum Day with Two Shores Rum: A Toast to Excellence


A Toast to Excellence

World Rum Day lands on 13th July this year. It is a global celebration of the rich and diverse world of rum. As rum enthusiasts around the world raise their glasses, there’s one name that stands out for its exceptional quality and innovation: Two Shores Rum. This premium rum, crafted from sustainably sourced sugar cane and distinguished by its unique ageing process, has redefined what it means to be the best rum on the market – after only two years since launch.


The Art of Crafting Premium Irish Rum

Two Shores Rum begins its journey in the heart of Central America, where it is distilled from the finest pure sugar cane. This golden rum is initially matured for eight years in ex-bourbon casks in Panama helped by the constant humidity of its surroundings. However, the journey doesn’t end there. The rum is then transported to the west coast of Ireland, where it undergoes secondary maturation for up to 12 months in carefully selected aged Irish whiskey casks.

This innovative ageing process combines the humid equatorial conditions with the distinctive finishes of Irish whiskey, creating a smooth and intricately layered spirit that is perfect for sipping neat. The result is a spectrum of rums that are unrivalled in character and complexity.


A Spectrum of Award-Winning Rums

Two Shores Rum offers a diverse portfolio of rums, each with its own unique finish. From the 19-year-old single malt Irish whiskey to the rich peated whiskey finishes, Oloroso sherry, and Amarone wine cask finishes, there’s a style to suit every palate. This commitment to quality and variety has not gone unnoticed.

In 2024, Two Shores Rum was recognised at the World Rum Awards, winning the prestigious title of World’s Best Column Still Rum for its Cask Strength Peated Cask Finish Rum. This award-winning rum exemplifies the brand’s dedication to crafting exceptional, high-quality rums that celebrate the unique marriage of Central American sugarcane and Irish whiskey ageing. This “World’s Best” award was accompanied by 2 additional gold and 3 additional silver medals.


What makes Two Shores Rum a uniquely different premium rum?

Unlike many other rums on the market, Two Shores Rum refrains from using chill filtration, additives, or artificial colourings. This ensures a pure and authentic drinking experience, appealing to discerning rum drinkers looking to elevate their palates. Whether you’re a seasoned rum enthusiast, a high-end whiskey or bourbon aficionado seeking something uniquely familiar yet different, Two Shores Rum offers a refined taste that sets it apart.


Join the Celebration

As we approach World Rum Day on July 13th, there’s no better time to indulge in the best rum that the world has to offer. Raise a glass of Two Shores Rum and toast to the excellence and innovation that have earned it the title of Ireland’s most awarded rum.

So, on this World Rum Day, let’s celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of premium rum. Let’s celebrate Two Shores Rum.