Our Story

Premium golden Rum from the heart of Central America, finished on the west coast of Ireland.

Where the Sea meets
the Shoreline

Two Shores Rum, a premium golden rum distinguished by its unique ageing process.

Crafted from sustainably sourced pure sugar cane and distilled in the heart of Central America, our eight-year-old rum undergoes an exceptional transformation.

Following its initial ageing, it is further matured for up to a further 12 months on Ireland’s west coast in carefully selected aged Irish whiskey casks.

Where Cane Meets Grain

The interplay of equatorial humidity during ageing and the distinctive Irish whiskey finishes yields a spectrum of rums unrivalled in character. The result is a smooth and intricately layered spirit that is perfect for sipping neat.

Our portfolio includes variants finished in 19-year-old single malt Irish whiskey, Oloroso sherry, rich peated whiskey, and Amarone wine casks. Unlike many other rums on the market, Two Shores Rum refrains from fill filtration, additives, or artificial colourings.

Sophisticated Cocktails

Appealing to rum enthusiasts seeking to elevate their experience, as well as discerning aficionados of premium whiskey and bourbon seeking something different, yet familiar.

Two Shores Rum is a versatile choice for any occasion, whether served neat, on the rocks, or in a sophisticated cocktail.

Don’t Just Take
Our Word For It

While it is not uncommon for most brands to have some awards, we are Ireland’s most awarded rum in 2023.

Earning recognition within the drinks industry, Two Shores Rum was recently awarded four prestigious accolades at the 2023 World Rum Awards, including Best in Ireland, Best Brand, Best Design, and Best Label.